Sunday, May 06, 2007

Let the Games Begin.

An award-winning writer could not have written a better storyline for the return of "The Rocket". Not even Roger Clemens himself.

But he can sure act the part.

Think about it. The New York Yankees. America's Team. In the middle of a rut that not a single person could have predicted. Last place through April. Four of their top starters down and finding their way back to recovery. A bullpen that couldn't hold a win if their lives depended on it. And most importantly, 7 games behind Boston throughout the first 5 weeks of baseball including a 1 - 5 record against them. That's a pretty antagonistic setting for the normal Yankee Fan.

Then suddenly, during the 7th inning stretch of a game being dominated by the pin stripers, a voice tells the crowd to place their attention to the stadium video screen where Roger Clemens makes a statement telling the crowd he has decided to come save the Yankees and pitch for New York for the remainder of the season.

Great storyline huh? In the last chapter, Yankees go on to win the World Series, Clemens gets his eighth Cy Young, and Joe Torre and Brian Cashman save their jobs.

Well, we'll place that book in the fictional section for now.

During saturday's game against the Mariners, Clemens announced his return to Baseball. He signed a minor league contact that would pay him an estimated $28 million for the remainder of the season. Clemens will turn 45 this season and has not pitched with New York since 2003.

By coming to the Yankees, Clemens has put an end to the drama that has circulated the league for weeks. The choice was narrowed down between Houston, Boston, and New York. It was also noted that Clemens wanted to return to "a contender" which would most likely eliminate the Astros. Therefore, Clemens had to make a choice. Go to the team that is currently in cruise control and could definitly use a fifth starter to round out a solid rotation. Or, go to the team that is struggling and desperatly needs help getting back on track again. Clemens chose the ladder.

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