Wednesday, September 23, 2009

5 Most Hated Players in Football

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Brett Favre - By all accounts Favre is the biggest media attention whore in the NFL. If you don't believe me, look back at all of the press clippings from the end of the 2007 season until February 2009. If there is a way for him to get his name in print or on the airwaves, it will be done. Of course he says he is retired. Forgive me if I call his bluff. The only way we will know for sure is when the 2009 season starts and there is no # 4 gunslinger on the sidelines in New York, Minnesota, or anywhere else. Say Favre gets the itch when the summer months start? He can return but of course the Jets would have to bring him back with $13 million counting against the salary cap. Or of course they could trade him to another team and it would cost them a first round pick because of a clause in his contract. Jets fans think Favre will go quietly into the night and not cause any disruption. Remember what Favre put the Packers through last year? Why would he not do that to a team who he played only 1 season for and has no real allegiance?

Terrell Owens - You either love Terrell Owens or you despise him, there is no middle ground for the receiver. Owens is a close second to Favre when it comes to being a media whore. If you do not believe me then you missed out on his little antics where he was doing sit-ups outside his residence. Let us not forget that he has been the spark to light the bonfire at three of the top NFL franchises in his storied career. So Buffalo look out if you plan on keeping Owens for more than one season.

Donovan McNabb - This is one of those players that did surprise me when I heard how many people are tired of McNabb. The reasons cited ranged from McNabb how oblivious he seemed during press conference to his inability to find a way to step up in the big game. Of course a lot of the issues connected with McNabb also involve another, Owens. There are those who suggest that the real problem in Philly is McNabb and not everyone else who has come through there. They feel McNabb has to be the Star in the city of brotherly love and if anyone else comes in there, he looks to undermine them every possible way.

Tom Brady / Peyton Manning - These two were put in the same boat because well most of the haters seem to have one thing in common. They seem too good to be true. They do not have off the field issues like other players in the NFL and each one has been able to lead their team to the Super Bowl. Maybe the haters do not like those who have seemingly squeaky images. Guess I can not blame them because I may harbor the same ill will feelings for one Mr. Tim Tebow.

Kellen Winslow Jr. - This has to be the player who seems to get me the most worked up. For someone who had such promise coming into the NFL, he has wasted every chance given to him. Of course we should have had some insight into him after the college game when he taunted an injured player. Once he arrived in the NFL, his first two seasons were marred by injury, including one caused by off the field activities. During his first five years in the league, he has missed 36 games. Despite that I am sure he thinks he is the best tight end in the game. It is a shame he comes from the same stock as Winslow, the man who had one of the most amazing performances ever seen in a playoff game.

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