Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Honest Gabe - Issue #1

Welcome to the very first issue of Honest Gabe! I am your host, Mr. Gabe Murgo! For those of you who don't know me, myself and Chris go WAYYY back to 4th grade where we became best friends and he has graciously asked me to contribute to his blog - so I will be giving my FANTASY advice each and every week for you - the fans of the E 'n' I show! Please email your questions to the blog site and we will post them up for you the following week!

Today's issue will be brief and straight to the point: how to build a Fantasy Football Championship team!

I had the #2 overall pick in my draft this past weekend and as expected, Adrian Peterson went first. In my 12 team league, you get a .5 points per reception and there is a RB/WR flex position with only 2 WR spots, so my pick was between MJD and Matt Forte (of MY Chicago Bears!) I went with MJD for a number of reasons:
1. MJD catches more passes
2. There is no competition taking away carries for MJD in JAX
3. Kevin Jones WILL cut into Matt Forte's carries to keep the 2nd year pro fresh during the season.
This made my decision easy. It is important to select players with your MIND and not your HEART.

With the #2 pick in your draft, what you want to do is select a stud RB right off the bat. Your second pick I also recommend getting a top RB. In this case, I selected Clinton Portis who is going up against the 2nd easiest run defenses in 2009. Your 3rd pick you want to pick a top tier WR. I selected Marques Colston who will have a huge year for the air mailing Saints. Your 4th pick I would take the best available player. In this case it was Braylon Edwards who is the whole team of Cleveland this year. My 5th pick I locked up my flex position as I selected Darren McFadden who is lightning quick and can catch passes out of the backfield. Again, he is the entire team for the Raiders.
Now you can lock up your TE and QB with your next 2 picks (Winslow + Schaub) and then it is very IMPORTANT to solidify your bench as injuries WILL occur during the season.
The rest of my draft was: Delhomme for my QB, Packers and Redskins for defenses, Elam for my kicker, Sproles, McCoy, Fred Taylor for m backup RB's, with Hixon and Harvin as my WR's.

Because of this draft strategy I am an instant contender within the league. Make sure you follow the waiver wire closely, and if you can make a trade or two, you should find yourself in the playoff hunt.

Until next time, this is Honest Gabe telling you the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth!

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