Thursday, August 06, 2009

Yankee Fans feeling the heat......

The glorious part about my job is the travel. While many people can't stand spending 3 hours or more in their car on an average day, I enjoy it. I listen to sports radio all day while on the road. I listen to Boston sports when im in the Northern half of my area and NY sports radio when im in the southern half. The parody is sometimes comedic. The contrast between the charisma of the two crowds has generally been distinct. Historically, or at least in my lifetime....Boston fans have always been the more aggressive and hateful voice of the longtime rivalry. Today, something changed.

As I listened to Mike Francesa's afternoon show on WFAN, I heard numerous angry/nervous callers get on the line and rant about the importance of tonight's game and this weekend's series. How much they need to sweep Boston in this series, and much the Red Sox deserve to lose. More importantly how they have felt that they (The Yanks) have been a second place team for years. The exact attitude Red Sox Nation had for decades prior to 04'. Two rings later, and a season that will include a dead heat three-team competition for two playoff spots....can change a Yankee Fan's spirit. There is a nervousness behind some of these voices that didn't exist before. Even Francesa seem to be blind-sided with some of the callers.

It's obvious how important this series is to both sides, but the voice of Red Sox hatred coming from Yankee town was loud and clear. Are Yankee fans starting to feel the heat and pressure going into the final seven weeks of the season?

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