Monday, July 16, 2007

Barry Bonds getting thrown in the Fire...Literally.

If Barry Bonds hasn't gotten burned enough in his career, then one fan might set a little more fire to it.

On ESPN's Cold Pizza today, Jay Crawford interviewed a man named Keith McDonough who is the owner of "Bleacher Sports Memorabilia Shop" outside of Chicago. McDonough is one of the many baseball fans in this country who is outraged at the possibility of Bonds breaking Hank Aaron's record within the next few weeks. So outraged, that he has created an event called a "Bonds-Fire" where he is asking people around the country to donate Barry Bonds memorabilia and have it burned in a massive bonfire when 756 is belted. McDonough will be donating $2000 worth of Bonds items from his shop to get the event "heated up". The email address (for anyone interested) is to receive more information on this event.

McDonough also asked during the interview to have fans bring 8 x 10 cards to the stadium that say "B.R.754" which means Barry Retire when you hit 754. If Bonds were to do this, McDonough says it would be "A classy move." He also stated that Bonds will not be making the Hall of Fame, just tarnishing a great accomplishment in sports history.

Now, we can all see that this man is a leading example of the disgruntled fans that would love to protect Aaron's record. But, lets be real here. A bonfire? Sorry, a "bondsfire?" To put it simply: That is hilarious. I don't own any Bonds stuff. But if I did, I would rather keep the value. His Topps rookie card is worth over $500 on the Internet. Don't expect to see too many of those getting thrown in the fire.

As crazy as this event may seem, it's gonna happen. This is nothing more than an outlet for fans to really take a stab back at baseball. For letting players get away with taking performance enhancers and steroids for so long. Because in the end, even though Bonds got away with taking steroids (so far), theoretically he hasn't because its the fans and the general public that have the last say to a player's greatness. If steroids were never a factor then we the fans would be applauding these record breaking years we have endured through the skills of Bonds and McGwire. Baseball would not have any shadows covering the greatness and history of the game. Instead, Hall-of-Fame caliber players are getting black marked and denied induction to the Hall.

Mr. Keith McDonough there is no need to worry. Bond's record will be shattered within the next 10 years. And we can put this issue to rest.

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