Friday, July 13, 2007

Mark Cuban to the Windy City?

Sources say Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban is interested in purchasing The Chicago Cubs organization and taking a venture into baseball. Cuban filled out an application to take over the team which has been up for sale since April by the Tribune Co.

Cuban has owned the Mavericks for seven years and has improved the franchise greatly since his arrival with a 20% increase in overall winning percentage and a trip to the NBA finals. The Mavs had previously never reached the finals.

Cuban has always been known to be an aggressive and outgoing owner with a great sense of enthusiasm during his tenure with the Mavericks. A personality that is needed for the Cubs. An organization that has seen its share of hard times and could absolutlely use the optimistic lift that Cuban brings to the table.

However, Cuban must first get through Commissioner Bud Selig and Chicago Sports Mogul Jerry Reinsdorf. Considering Selig has the power to deny the purchase to Cuban at his expense. But why would Selig want to deny Cuban ownership? Because Selig is very close to Reinsdorf who is the owner of the White Sox and the Bulls. The same person who voted against Cuban purchasing the Mavericks in 2000 during the owners voting session. He lost 29 to 1. The connection between the two men may prevent Cuban from getting into Chicago.

But from a business aspect, how could you not want Cuban running the show in Chicago? What negative aspect does he bring to baseball? Cuban has proven to be dedicated to his team and has done wonders for the Dallas franchise. Cuban knows he can be the difference maker in Chicago and I think the team and fans know it too. He brings a level of enthusiasm that Chicago has not seen in quite some time.

If your Bud Selig, you have to consider Cuban to take part in a franchise that has tried so hard to stay alive for years. Especially in a market that is there for the taking. Who knows. Maybe Cuban could even persuade a certain Rodriguez to join the Cub family next season.

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