Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Let's talk some FANTASY FOOTBALL!! (Part 2: Tight End)

Hey everyone! I am back after a few days layoff - sorry, had some personal issues to take care of. With that being said, lets get into my top 10 NFL Fantasy Tight End's for the 2007 season:

#10) Ben Watson (NE) - One of Tom Brady's favorite red zone targets. He is now the undisputed #1 TE in New England w/ Daniel Graham going to Denver. I drafted him last year, I wasn't dissapointed.

#9) LJ Smith (PHI) - Contract year - will perform well as long as McNabb is healthy. If McNabb is hurt... LJ will tank. 18 red zone targets... thats 3rd best last year.

#8) Vernon Davis (SF) - BYE BYE Eric Johnson! Vernon was hurt for a good chunk of the season last year. In training camp this year, he has shown that he can lineup as a WR which could bolster his value even more. SF is my pick to win the NFC West this year by the way.

#7) Todd Heap (BAL) - Team leading 73 receptions last year, look for that number to stay consistant. 29% of Baltimore's receptions were from Tight Ends... think about that.

#6) Chris Cooley (WAS) - 19 TDs in the last 3 years. Campbell really likes this guy. Cooley might be the only consistant weopon on the Redskins offense.

#5) Alge Crumpler (ATL) - 750-800 yards I project this year. 6-8 TD's. Yes ATL will run the ball alot, and Michael Vick is not a great passing QB, but Alge was 2nd in red zone targets last year, and I look for that to continue.

#4) Kellen Winslow (CLE) - PLEASE STAY HEALTHY! The Browns just completely suck, I predict them to get the #2 overall pick in the 08 draft. But Kellen is an ANIMAL! The Browns were by far the team that used the TE the most last year. Someone please throw him the damn ball!!

#3) Jeremy Shockey (NYG) - No Tiki means more targets for Shockey. He has 20 TDs in the last 3 years, thats the best in the league. He had 7 red zone touchdowns last year (#1 in the league) 70 rec. 700 yards 7 TDs.

#2) Tony Gonzalez (KC) - Even at age 31, he is the most reliable Tight End in the game today. Only missed 2 games in his entire 10 year career. Extrememly durable and is the #1 receiving option in KC. Look for 70 rec, 900 yards, 6 TDs.

and finally my #1 Tight End for this year... (WHAT A SURPRISE THIS IS GOING TO BE!)

#1) Antonio Gates (SD) - What can I say about this guy that nobody else has in the past? Yes the Chargers used a (smart) pick on WR Craig Davis... but how much do you really think he's going to cut into Gates' numbers? SLIM TO NONE is my opinion. Since 2004, Gates has had 900+ yards with 9 or more TDs every year. This man is the undisputed #1 Tight End in the NFL.

Next time I will be going over Defense rankings. These are my personal rankings, and I am sticking to it! Peace : )

- Gabe

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